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Research Imaging Collaboration Office


RICO is a new resource for the centralized and efficient coordination of industry-sponsored studies utilizing radiology imaging services. 


Who is RICO? The Research Imaging Collaboration Office is a team within the Department of Radiology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine to facilitate your research projects by meeting your imaging research needs. 


What can we provide? Our intake process comprehensively evaluates your research project for radiology protocol nuances, needs, and specifications. Once we collect all necessary information from the protocol, our trained radiologists, technologists, and research administrators will provide a detailed letter of support including a study budget for radiology imaging services and our department's services and associated fees.


How can we provide service to your research? If you have a new industry-sponsored research project needing radiology services, please complete the in-take survey application here. A department team member will contact you within two business days for any outstanding information. 

Non-industry sponsored studies can also be reviewed by RICO. The same fee schedule is applicable.


Our Process and Timeline:
Once the intake survey has been submitted, it will be dispatched to our department team for feasible evaluation and rapid review by an expert committee. The RICO study intake, review, and approval process include the following steps:

  • Completion of new study intake form (Link)
  • Rapid committee review of study imaging procedures, services, and cost
  • Letter of support is provided to the study team 



Research Imaging Collaboration Office Administrative Fee & Rates for Research Support Activities Memo


For more information about RICO, email us at

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