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The faculty and staff of the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine’s Department of Radiology are committed to educating future leaders of our field, conducting innovative research and providing exceptional patient care and service to physicians through our affiliated care sites and hospitals.

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Kelly Jarvis

Kelly Jarvis

Dr. Jarvis is an imaging scientist with expertise in the evaluation of blood flow for clinical applications. She designs imaging workflows and tools for the analysis of hemodynamics, including parameter mapping of velocity metrics and assessment of vessel stiffness by pulse wave velocity. Her research focuses on studying heart-brain coupling (interplay between the heart and brain) with the goal to help inform treatment and prevention strategies for diseases of aging. Dr. Jarvis works closely with the Mesulam Center for Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer’s Disease and was recently named a Northwestern Pepper Center Scholar. She is also co-director of our Social Media & Website Committee and a member of our Diversity Council.

Jeesoo Lee

Dr. Lee is a research assistant professor of Radiology who is specialized in cardiovascular flow imaging and fluid dynamics. His primary interest is valvular heart disease and hemodynamics. He focuses on developing novel imaging methodologies using echocardiography and MRI for advanced hemodynamic characterization and improved diagnostic precision. He also focuses on developing in-vitro heart valve flow models to serve as a platform for testing various imaging methodologies and investigating detailed fluid dynamics.

Daniel Kim

Daniel Kim

Dr. Kim’s research spans from technology development to translational science in cardiovascular MRI. Building upon active collaboration with radiology and cardiology colleagues, his research focuses on addressing unmet clinical needs by developing new MRI acquisition and image reconstruction methods and translating them to improve clinical management of heart disease. He is also committed to training future scientists in the field of MRI.

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