Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Radiology

Professional Development

Recognizing the importance of continuous learning, Feinberg’s Department of Radiology develops innovative CME courses and other educational programs. These programs are available to practicing physicians, technologists, and other radiology professionals near and far.

Continuing Medical Education

Learn more about the education opportunities available to physicians and allied health personnel via Feinberg’s Continuing Medical Education site.


This course teaches clinical magnetic resonance imaging applications through a series of dedicated courses that utilize didactic lectures, simulator sessions, and actual clinical demonstrations taught by experienced professionals.

Learn more about the TECH SMaRT training for physicians and technologists who currently practice or seek to practice magnetic resonance (MR) imaging.

CMR Northwestern (Cardiovascular MRI Course)

CMR Northwestern is intended for physicians and technologists who currently have a basic proficiency in MR and/or knowledge of Cardiac MR, who wish to leverage the capabilities of their MR systems. A prerequisite for the course is knowledge of basic MR physics. It is optimal if both physician and technologist attend the course together, however, this is not mandatory. Learn more about CMR Northwestern.

4D Flow MRI Hands-On Training Course

The program incorporates didactic instruction with practical live scanning at the scanner console and hands-on 4D flow data processing (3D flow visualization, flow qualification, etc.). 4D flow imaging basics and analysis concepts will be systematically introduced, including 4D flow MRI imaging protocols and data analysis workflows. Additional expert lectures will cover clinical and emerging 4D flow application areas. Learn more about the 4D Flow MRI Hands-On Training Course.

Radiology Technician Training

Learn about radiology technician training opportunities offered through Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s accredited clinical schools.