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Read the latest news from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine’s Department of Radiology. The links below take you to articles where you can learn more about our faculty’s latest achievements, awards, and honors.


  • New Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Mohammed Elbaz

    Mohammed ElbazThis month, Dr. Mohammed Elbaz joined our faculty as an Assistant Professor of Radiology, specializing in cardiovascular imaging. Dr. Elbaz came to Northwestern as a clinical research associate under Dr. Michael Markl in 2018. He had previously obtained his PhD in Biomedical Imaging and Image Analysis from Leiden University in the Netherlands, as well as one year of post-doc training there. He went on to spent another year in the Computer Science Department at the University of Calgary in Canada before accepting his position here. 

    His experience spans computer science, medical imaging, and applied fluid dynamics. At Northwestern, his research focuses on developing advanced computational image and flow analysis techniques for cardiovascular MRI. Through his interdisciplinary training, he is working toward better patient-specific, personalized diagnostics and clinical outcome prediction in adult and congenital cardiovascular diseases. 

    We are excited to bring Dr. Elbaz on board as research faculty because of his accomplishments and experience. Please join us in welcoming him!

  • New Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Susan Palasis and Dr. Jillian Krauss

    We are excited to announce two new faculty members on our Lurie team. Please welcome Dr. Susan Palasis and Dr. Jillian Krauss!


    Susan Palasis

    Dr. Susan Palasis is the new Division Head of Pediatric Neuroradiology and Vice Chair of Clinical Operations at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. She is an Associate Professor of Radiology at Feinberg School of Medicine Northwestern University and also the Medical Director at the Facility for Education & Research in Neuroscience (FERN) Magnetic Resonance Imaging Center at Emory University. Dr. Palasis previously worked at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and was an Adjunct Professor at Emory University School of Medicine. Her neuroradiology fellowship training was at Duke University and at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. She has conducted research and published on advanced neuroimaging techniques in the evaluation of pediatric neurologic disease. She is a frequent invited speaker on a broad variety of topics pertaining to pediatric neuroimaging in the U.S. and abroad. Dr. Palasis is a Senior Member of the American Society of Neuroradiology (ASNR) and serves on numerous scientific society committees. She is a Past President of the ASPNR and served as Program Chair for the 1st Annual ASPNR Scientific Meeting held in New Orleans in 2019.


    Jillian Krauss

    Dr. Jillian Krauss grew up outside of Columbus, Ohio, was an undergraduate at The Ohio State University, attended medical school at the University of Toledo, and then journeyed north to Royal Oak, Michigan to complete her Diagnostic Radiology Residency at William Beaumont Hospital. She just completed her pediatric radiology fellowship training at Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago and is joining the Lurie faculty this summer. During her off time, she enjoys exploring Chicago with her husband and dog, traveling, biking, reading, and trying out new restaurants. 

  • Winners Announced for DAISY Award for Nurses

    The DAISY winners were just announced! We are so pleased to see this fantastic group of Interventional Radiology nurses and new hires making the list! Congratulations to:

    Tath Lopez
    Julie Johnson
    Melissa Castro
    Laura Gonzalez
    Laura Coyne
    Jim Judge
    Becca Blinstrub
    Stacy Routh
    Amy Fitchel
    Cindy Griffin
    Katie Martin
    Kris Stiff

    The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses honors the super-human work nurses do for patients and families every day. Nurses are given recognition for both clinical skill and compassion in service. The DAISY Award is part of an ongoing recognition effort through The DAISY Foundation. 

  • Congratulations to the 2019 Graduates

    This past week, we have had the great honor and pleasure of graduating another group of residents in every speciality we offer. This has been a great group of people to work with throughout the years. It has been fantastic to watch them grow into specialized interests, form a community, and head out to do a variety of work post-graduation, including fellowships at the University of Washington, Rush University, Brigham and Women's Hospital, UCLA, and UC San Francisco. We can't wait to see what the future brings for each one of them! 

    Several awards were given out at the graduation dinner last weekend. The recipients are as follows:

    Medical Student Teaching Award
    Michael Choe, MD

    RSNA Research and Education Foundation 2019 Roentgen Resident Award
    Kevin Su, MD

    Radiology Resident Excellence in Research Award
    1st Place: Michael Choe, MD
    2nd Place: Stephany Ross, MD
    3rd Place: Simer Grewal, MD

    Eric J Russell Leadership Award
    Aki Tanimoto

    Faculty Teaching Award (selected by the residents)
    Jon Youngner, MD and David Rusniak, MD

    Congratulations to all of the graduating residents!


    Senta Berggruen and residents

  • Yaghmai To Take Chair Appointment at UC Irvine

    Vahid YaghmaiWe are so happy to announce that Dr. Vahid Yaghmai has been appointed Chair of Radiology at the University of California, Irvine. This is a tremendous honor for him and his family, and we are so proud to call him one of our own. 

    Dr. Yaghmai has been an integral part of Radiology at Northwestern University for over 20 years and Northwestern Memorial Hospital for 15 years. He has served our faculty and department with dedication and distinction during that time period. As the Medical Director of Radiology, Medical Director for CT, Vice Chair for Clinical Operations and a member of numerous hospital committees, including the Medical Executive and Credentials Committees to name a few, he has worked tirelessly to keep radiology represented at the highest level within the institution and has always put the needs of the department above all else. He is an outstanding researcher, with over 120 peer reviewed publications, 20 book chapters and several national/international awards for his work. He established a unique research collaboration with Siemens Healthineers, which provided uninterrupted funding to explore and apply cutting edge techniques for multi-detector CT and image processing. In particular, he helped pave the way in developing cutting edge methods to reduce radiation dose with CT, which had a direct beneficial impact on our patients. Another notable achievement was his creation of the Quantitative Imaging Core Lab within radiology, a core research facility that is responsible for the processing and analysis of image data for clinical trials at the Robert H. Lurie Cancer Center. He has trained numerous clinical and research fellows, many of whom have gone on to pursue productive and successful careers in their own right.

    We will miss Dr. Yaghmai here at Northwestern, but he will always remain part of our NU family. 

  • Kim Appointed Director of CV Imaging at CTI

    Daniel KimStarting July 1, 2019, Dr. Dan Kim will step into the role of Director of Cardiovascular Imaging at one of the department's research cores, the Center for Translational Imaging (CTI). Dr. Kim has been on the Northwestern faculty since 2016 and is currently a tenured Professor of Radiology with an additional appointment in Biomedical Engineering. He received his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Virginia and did post-doctoral training in cardiovascular MRI at New York University. Before joining Northwestern, he was held an Assistant Professorship at New York University and an Associate Professorship at the University of Utah. 

    Dr. Kim is a highly-collaborative researcher focused on addressing unmet clinical needs by developing new MRI pulse sequences and reconstruction methods to improve translation and clinical management of heart disease. and mentor. He has been a principal investigator on 10 NIH, AHA, and other foundational grants. He currently is the PI on two NIH R01s, two NIH R21s, and 1 AHA Innovation award. Dr. Kim has mentored over eighteen students ranging from the graduate level to post-doctoral fellows working in biomedical engineering, MSTP, and radiology. He has received the Distinguished Investigator Award by The Academy for Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Research. Dr. Kim is also a standing member of the NIH EITA review committee, and works on AHA study sections as well as the editorial board for NMR in Biomedicine and other medical imaging journals. 

    Dr. Kim has an exemplary record of success in leading outstanding advanced cardiovascular imaging research programs. He has the ability to collaborate across specialities and lead interdisciplinary teams. We look forward to what his leadership will bring to CTI and the Department of RAdiology in the years to come!


  • Radiology Research Featured In Feinberg's Research Newsletter

    "Radiologists primarily serve other physicians in the care of patients. This indirect approach puts a particular onus on collaboration." This month, Feinberg School of Medicine featured the Department of Radiology in its Breakthroughs newsletter, which is sent from the Vice Dean of Research's office and highlights research achievements throughout the school. One of the department's core values on collaboration was showcased through conversations with clinical and research faculty. Our chair,  Dr. Carr, was interviewed about his journey inot the position as a leading cardiovascular radiologist. 4D Flow imaging by Dr. Markl and Interventional oncology innovations by Dr. Salem were also detailed in the article. Check out the article here!

    James Carr

  • Salem Delivers GEST Honorary Lecture

    Dr. Riad Salem delivered the honorary lecture at the Global Embolization Symposium and Technologies 2019 meeting in New York City. GEST is an annual symposium for experts in the emoblization field. Dr. Salem, who is Chief of the Vascular Interventional Radiology section, has been commended for his work in radioembolization practices and techniques. We are so proud of his accomplishment!

    Riad Salem

  • Radiology Students and Faculty Attend SNMA 2019

    We had several medical students and faculty attend the Student National Medical Association conference last week, including Dr. Cecil Wood and first-year resident Dr. Imo Uko (pictured below). SNMA is an organization with chapters nation-wide. These programs serve the health needs of underserved communities and communities of color. This organization is also dedicated to ensuring medical education and servies are culturally sensitive to the needs of diverse populations.

    We're so proud of these students and faculty, and we're double-proud to be a part of an organization dedicated to these important communities of people!

     Dr. Cecil Wood and Dr. Imo Uko

  • Portrait Unveiled to Honor Former Chair
    Last week, former Chair Dr. Eric Russell's portrait was unveiled on campus to honor his achievements and contributions during his years in the position. He was joined by current Chair Dr. James Carr and Dean Neilson for the unveiling. Eric Russell
  • Friedewald Weighs In On New FDA Mammography Requirements
    Dr. Sarah FriedewaldNew legislation from the FDA could add new requirements to the results patients receive when they get a mammogram. Proposed changes would require measurements of breast tissue density to be included in mammography examinations and results. Our own Chief of Breast Imaging, Dr. Sarah (Sally) Friedewald, has been vocal about how important knowledge of breast tissue density is to breast cancer diagnosis, and she has been interviewed by a couple of news outlets on the topic. Click here to read more about this!
  • Chinese Visiting Scholars Visit Northwestern During RSNA

    Last week, our department hosted a special group during the RSNA conference. A group of Chinese visiting scholars, as well as the Chairman of Radiology at Peking Union Medical College Hospital and current President of the Chinese Radiological Society Dr. Zhengyu Jin, attended the annual meeting and met with faculty for a tour.

    During the past five years, faculty led by Dr. Zhuoli Zhang have been actively pursuing research opportunities in China. Through his personal and professional connections, Dr. Zhang has been able to facilitate connections to willing self-funded scholars to work on research projects for one to two years at Northwestern. So far, faculty have onboarded fifteen Chinese scholars who have worked on research projects under Drs. Zhuoli Zhang, Andrew Larson, Vahid Yaghmai, James Carr, Jeremy Collins, and Daniel Lee. 

    When these students returned to their hospitals, they received recognition and congratulations on their outstanding achievements in Northwestern.  This creates more opportunity for more physician-scientists to reach out to our faculty and work.  

    During this year's RSNA, many of these Chinese collaborators asked to visit us and possibly to have a tour of Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Along with Dr. Jin, who was a Honorary Member of RSNA 2014, the group met with our faculty for one-hour meeting and tour of the hospital. 

    We have been so glad to see the progress of these scholars, and we look forward to more collaboration with more Chinese researchers in the future!


    Chinese visiting scholars

  • Congrats to the 2018 RSNA Participants!

    It's RSNA week once again! We caught a big snow storm, but our students and faculty are eagerly attending sessions and meetings. Northwestern is so proud of the group who will be presenting their scientific papers and educational courses. The topics include hands-on courses in breast biopsy and contrast reactions, as well as treatment of brain metastases, techniques for identifying stolent art treasures, 4D flow in aortic dissection, live ultrasound, transplant following y90 radioembolization, and others! Overall, we have 30 faculty, research associates, fellows, graduate students, post docs, and residents presenting. Congratulations to everyone, including:

    Rehan Ali, MBBS
    Ronald Mora, MD
    Michael Iorga
    Brad Allen, MD
    Ahmed Gabr, MD, MBBCh
    Nivedita Naresh, PhD
    Amirhossein Mozafarykhamseh, MD
    Yuri Velichko, PhD
    Daming Shen
    Matteo Figini
    Suvai Gunasekarah, PhD
    Yaqi Zhang
    Tugce Trabzonlu, MD
    Frank Miller, MD
    Anna Shangguan
    Su Hu
    Lee Rogers, MD
    Robert Edelman, MD
    Jyoti Patel, MD
    Ramona Gupta, MD
    Vahid Yaghmai, MD
    Shankar Rajeswaran, MD
    Gayle Woloschak, PhD
    Roger Stupp, MD
    Kush Desai, MD
    Timothy Kruser, MD
    Senta Berggruen, MD
    Rishi Agrawal, MD
    James Carr, MD
    Sally Friedewald, MD

    For more information on RSNA, check out there website!

  • Rad Res Profiles: Samir Abboud

    Samir AbboudWhen asked what three words he would use to describe his resident experience so far, year four Samir Abboud said, "Challenge. Growth. Comradeship." These are strong words coming from Samir, who has known that he wanted to get into medicine, as well as what he likes about studying medicine, since his junior year of undergrad -- back when he was a physics major. "I had gotten involved in a few biophysics research projects. From there, it just seemed natural to progress to medical school and, given the physics background, radiology was a natural fit," he recalls before adding, "Of course I toyed wtih teh idea of becoming a surgeon for a while but, in the end, I was always drawn to radiology because of the immediate nature of it (look at the images, look at the data, make a diagnosis), the collegial nature of it (both communicating with other radiologists and other physicians), and the ability to progress in an ever-advancing field. The super-cool technology and beautiful images generated don't hurt." 

    Samir also knew he wanted excellent training when he was applying for residency. "I wanted an institution with a top-notch reputation in a high-volume setting." Northwestern made the list. It was the city of Chicago, and its proximity to Lake Michigan, really sealed the deal for him. While at work, Northwestern residents are given opportunities to study every type of radiology. Samir has really enjoyed muskuloskeletal radiology. The pathology of it is satisfying "from a biomechanical perspective," he says. "If you can figure out the injury pattern - i.e., the mechanism of injury - you will know what injuries occur in what sequence, and you can go looking for those particular injuries, giving you the chance to find a unifying diagnosis that pulls together all the seemingly disparate findings." Surprisingly, the area he was originally intimidated by has also become a favorite. "I was intimidated by neuroradiology and, to a certain extent, still am. However, for many of the same reasons I love MSK radiology, I have come to enjoy the challenge of neuroradiology cases and take pride in a case well read. It is a field where a small, seemingly insignificant, finding can alter the course of a patient's care for the better."

    Samir is keeping a goal of teaching in mind as he makes plans for what he will do after completing his residency. "Teaching is just plain fun when you have highly-motivated pupils, like the junior residents I have interacted with here at NMH," he says. First he plans on pursuing MSK radiology with a fellowship here at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. We hope that he continues to be inspired by his community here, and we look forward to all the ways he will surely inspire us!

  • 4D Flow Image as Cover for NM Magazine

    The Spring 2018 issue of Northwestern Medicine magazine focuses on Northwestern's cardiovascular disease research. One of the beautiful 4D images developed in our own 4D lab was used as the cover image. The article also discusses ongoing research by Dr. Michael Markl and Dr. Cynthia Rigsby at Children's. To learn more about the CV work being done by Northwestern, click here


                                           Markl 4d flow image

  • Zhang Wins Distinguished Investigator Award

    The Academy for Radiology and Biomedical Imaging Research selected Northwestern Radiology's Dr. Zhuoli Zhang as one of the 42 2018 Distinguished Investigators. Honorees must contribute significant research and have sustained productivity, including publication, as well display substantial ongoing research through grants. Dr. Zhang, who is the Director of the Translational Imaging Lab and the Manager of Qualitory and Regulatory Affairs in the Quantitative Imaging Core Lab, has been teaching at Northwestern since 2010. His research focuses on pancreatic, liver, colorectal and prostate cancer imaging, diagnosis, and treatment.

    Awardees will be inducted into the Academy Distinguished Investigator Council during a ceremony that will be held during the Radiological Society of North America’s annual meeting. Co-chair of the Academy’s Distinguished Investigator Council Reed Omary, M.D., M.S., said, “The recipients of this award have made significant contributions in the field of imaging research that rank them in the top 10 percent of Radiology Department faculty nationwide.”

    Join us in congratulating Dr. Zhang on this extraordinary achievement!

  • Students Name Conference Rooms in Contest

    After last summer's expansion of our research office, we had a new conference room. Faculty and staff set up a competition for students, fellows, and post-docs to name both of the conference rooms in the research office after their favorite physicist, which is hard for almost everyone around here to narrow down (or agree on). Once submissions were selected, faculty got together to determine the winners. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and your explanations!  The large conference room is now called the Lauterbur Room after Paul Lauterbur. The other conference room is now called the Curie Room after Marie Curie. Congrats to Dr. Kelly Jarvis and Liliana Ma for your submissions, which were selected as the new conference room names!

    Jarvis and Ma

  • Two Labs Say Goodbye to Fellow

    Dr. Liang Pan is a radiologist-scientist from China who was awarded a one-year scholarship from the China Scholarship Council to work in two of our imaging labs at Northwestern Radiology. Dr. Pan has been working in both Dr. Vahid Yaghmai's Quantitative Imaging Core Lab (QICL) and Dr. Zhuoli Zhang's Translational Imaging Lab since last May.

    In the last year, Dr. Pan has been involved in four projects researching liver tumors, pancreatic cancer in liver turmors, brown fat studies, and genetic KPC. She performed 380 MRI scans on a total of 77 mice and 44 rats. She was also given clinical training at QICL. On top of her studies, Dr. Pan has been prolific in writing about her findings. In collaboration with Dr. Yaghmai's team, as well as with Dr. Al Benson, she submitted a manuscript to Clinical Cancer Research, and has one prepared to send to Radiology

    Our lab teams have been delighted to work with Dr. Pan during her stay. Her work has been significant and enlightening. We want to thank her and wish her all the best luck in the future.

    liang pan northwestern

  • New Faculty Spotlight: Ceylan Cankurtaran

    Ceylan Cankurtaran NorthwesternThis week, the spotlight is on our new Assistant Professor Ceylan Cankurtaran, who comes to Northwestern from Thomas Jefferson University and Einstein Healthcare in Philadelphia, PA with a speciality in neuroradiology. Dr. Cankurtaran actually interviewed at Northwestern for a fellowship years ago. Although she chose to stay on the east coast, she says, "My initial impression from years ago has rung true" when it comes to the environment of Northwestern radiology. "This seems to be a place where there is abundant opportunity to grow at any stage of a career. By now, I have lived, trained, and worked in different countries, medical systems, and disciplines. In the U.S., I have explored many different setups. Comparatively speaking, I feel that, here, there is a certain degree of freedom and room for individual contribution. People I have met here are actually helpful. They are kind. I have been impressed by the collaboration and level of engagement." 

    Academic radiology was one of the biggest reasons Dr. Cankurtaran came to Northwestern, although she started out in a very different area. "After I graduated from my fellowship, my first job was in one of the roughest inner-city neighborhoods in Philadelphia. I saw a ton of trauma in all flavors," she recalls. For a while, it seemed like working with trauma cases was only rote work -- a little "predictable," she says. Then things changed. Through her work, she came into contact with a physician-scientist who studied stroke rehabilitation and consciousness disorders related to trauma. "When I started to look into this pathology more, the predictable trauma now astonished me as it talked to epilepsy, cognition and consciousness disorders, to neuropsychiatric processes and to dementia. Eventually, I have come to see [trauma] as a gateway pathology that demands the neuroradiologist to move beyond what is commonly practiced in order to contribute in a finer way." Now, as a neuroradiologist at Northwestern Medical, as well as a faculty member, Dr. Cankurtaran can share the important connection she made between clinical cases and pathological research. 

    Dr. Cankurtaran is excited to begin collaboration and researching, as well as teaching and doing work in the hospital. She says, "My very fun colleagues since I joined have been of great help and inspiration. It is not easy to find an environment that is engaging, stimulating, and fulfilling." As far as working to find better clinical practices, she is feeling positive that she is in the right place and with the right people. "This can't be done by one person alone, especially nowadays. It needs several curious minds that are eager to work together." And, as happy as Dr. Cankurtaran is to be here, we are also so happy to have someone with such great experience and so much interest in working with colleagues.

  • Rad Res Profiles: Brian Han

    Brian Han NorthwesternThis week, our spotlight is on second-year resident Brian Han. Brian came to us from Tulane, though he had a great deal of interventional experience from early in college. "During my undergraduate summer breaks," Hans said, "I worked in an Interventional Radiology laboratory at the NIH. This was my first introduction into medicine and jump-started my interest in both IR and Diagnostic Radiology." Brian maintained an interest in radiology during his time after undergrad as well. He noted, "As an engineering major, I was naturally drawn to radiology because it is a ever-changing, technically-driven speciality, and I enjoy problem solving. During medical school, anatomy was by far my favorite class and I saw how much modern medicine has grown to depend on imaging." 

    Here at Northwestern, Brian is researching an interventional project with his mentor, Ahsun Riaz. Aside from work around the hospital, Brian lends his voice to the department as the hand behind the @NURadRes twitter account. "I have an interest in promoting our residency program and radiology as a whole via social media. On a hospital-wide level, I am working on increasing the resident voice in curent and ongoing hospital security improvement measures." So if you haven't already, go follow Brian on the RadRes account to find out just how much amazing work they really do!

    Brian chose Northwestern after finishing a one-month clerkship in medical school. He remembers, "I found Northwestern to be a perfect fit for me. Our attendings are deeply invested in our education and the level of complexity of cases that we see is like none other. It also helps that chicago is an amazing city to live in and experience." Brian's favorite thing about being here is definitely the culture -- a comment we hear over and over from the residents. "The culture is superb as we are always working hard and looking out for one another." When asked what he loves the most about the field, he said, "There is never a dull moment in radiology, as we see everything from head to big toe. We participate in the care of so many patients through both diagnosis and intervention."

    After finishing up his residency, Brian plans on completing an additional subspeciality training in Interventional Radiology. With all of his enthusiasm and experience, Brian will be great in interventional and diagnostic work. We can't wait to see what great work comes from him in the future!



  • Rad Res Profiles: Lucy Lester

    Lucy Lester NorthwesternFirst-year resident Lucy Lester is glad she chose to come to Chicago for her residency. "Chicago was definitely the cityt that everyone recommended and I'm very glad we chose to move here." Having matched at Northwestern and made her home here, Lester is excited to pursue her interests in the global health track offered through the program here. 

    When asked about her initial interset in radiology, Lester said, "I decided on radiology because I realized that every field is somewhat dependent on imaging and I liked the diagnostic aspect of radiology." The collaborative nature of Northwestern staff and faculty is a helpful environment for anyone with these interests. Residents work hard to get experience in a number of areas inside a very supportive community. Lester added, "The program director is my favorite part about Northwestern. And the fact that everyone cares so very much about resident learning." 

    Though she has several years to go, Lester says she likes the city and the seasons, "So I might stay in this area." We hope you do, Lucy! 

  • NU 4D Flow Image Selected as Textbook Cover

    Remember studying from Braunwald's Heart Disease: A Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine? The latest edition has a new cover thanks to Dr. Kelly Jarvis and our 4D Lab. Last year, the team captured a single-ventricle pediatric patient after Fontan repair using the 4D flow imaging developed in their lab. This image has been awarded first place in Helix magazine's Northwestern Scientific Imaging Contest, displayed in the Museum of Science and Industry, and can even be purchased online.                                                                                                     Jarvis 4D Image

  • SCMR Round-Up

    Our cardiac imaging faculty and fellows have returned after traveling to Barcelona for the SCMR conference, which was a joint EuroCMR and society meeting. Northwestern participants gave presentations and attended panels with the best of the best in their field, as well as enjoyed travel around Barcelona and Spain. Congrats to everyone who participated!

    Brad Allen - Resident
    Pascale Aouad - CV imaging fellow
    Alex Barker - faculty
    Matthew Barrett - CV imaging fellow
    James Carr - faculty
    Dan Kim - faculty
    Michael Markl - faculty
    Ali Serhal - CV imaging fellow

                                                 Pascale Aouad Matthew Barrett Ali Serhal 
                                                Our CV imaging fellows after a great presentation!


  • Rad Res Profiles: Kevin Su

    Kevin SuKevin, now in his third year of residency at Northwestern, first became interested in radiology through mammography because of his mom. As a Northwestern medical student, he involved himself in breast cancer research, discovering a passion for use of technology and minimally invasive procedures. In his fourth year of medical school, he knew he wanted to pursue radiology - interventional radiology particularly.

    Community has been his favorite part about the program. While at Northwestern, Kevin says, "I actually enjoyed all of the rotations because of the people that I work with. I liked all the residents/ fellows/ attendings here." He pursued a residency here in the first place because of "the volume, complexity, and breadth of cases similar to other programs on the interview trail." But, at the end of the day he says, "It was the people that I met and worked wtih as a med student that made me want to stay here. I realized throughout med school that working with people I like makes my day really enjoyable, and that became the most improtant factor for me. The day goes by quick when you have more fun."

    As for the future, Kevin is currently applying to interventional radiology fellowships to continue his passion for IR. "If that doesn't work out," he jokes, "I think E-sports is a thing now, where you can make money playing video games." With all the success of our interventional programs, as well as our residents, Kevin probably won't have much to worry about.

  • New Faculty Spotlight: Donald Kim

    Dr. Donald KimDr. Donald Kim, Instructor of Radiology, started here in the Northwestern Radiology department as an attending in the Body Imaging section last July. Imaging was not Dr. Kim's first passion, however. For his undergraduate, he graduated from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in dual Psycho/biology with a specialization in Computing. With that degree, he worked at a bioinformatics company (a subsidiary of Celera, which first decoded the human genome), then at a startup robotics company, and finally at the DirecTV satellite engineering.


    It is really wonderful to see how Dr. Kim transformed his experience in the computing field to medical practice. Dr. Kim made the decision to return to medical school at Western University in Southern California, followed by an internship at Riverside County Regional Medical Center in Riverside, CA. After completing his radiology residency at Franciscan St. James Hospital, he then completed a dual (abdominal imaging and ultrasound) fellowship at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).


    As a fairly new faculty member, Dr. Kim says the community at Northwestern is his favorite thing about teaching here. "I have had a great experience working with all the brilliant staff, residents, fellows, and attendings," he said. We look forward to seeing all the ways that Dr. Kim can broaden the education at Northwestern.

  • Zhang Team Published in Radiology

    We have more exciting news coming from research conducted with our newly-added PET-MR. Dr. Zhuoli Zhang and his team recently published an article in Radiology about a PET-imaging-guided method to detect early metabolic response to irreversible electroporation (IRE). The study shows that IRE induces metabolic changes that can be measured readily on 18FDG PET images. This study enabled us to confirm the feasibility of using 18FDG PET images to monitor responses to IRE treatment. 18F-FDG PET imaging biomarkers can be used for early detection of therapeutic response to IRE treatment in a rodent liver tumor model. Early changes in SUVs highlighted by PET may be important to inform practitioners about tumor metabolic changes induced within IRE ablation zones, related to the therapeutic response. This may permit timely adjustments to patient therapeutic regimen as needed to improve clinical outcomes. Drs. Xifu Wang and Zhangliang Su, both visiting fellows, are co-first authors on this research paper. Congratulations, team!

    To view the article please click here:

    Dr. Zhuoli Zhang 



  • Rad Res Profiles: Andrew Weinberger

    Andrew Weinberger NorthwesternAndrew Weinberger is a fourth-year resident in our program, joining us after medical school at Sackler School of Medicine. When asked how he became interested in radiology, he said, "During my internal medicine rotation in medical school, we did radiology rounds every morning. The medicine team would pile into a reading room and review imaging for each patient with a radiologist who seemed to be able to tell us everything that was wrong with all of our patients. I loved how much information could be obtained from imaging and how integral radiology was to the medical team." Andrew has taken that initial fascination with how much can be learned from imaging and he has been instrumental in creating a radiology resident morbidity and mortality conference series to help promote a blame-free environment where residents can learn about commonly missed diagnoses.  

    Community is inspiring and important to Andrew, so it's not surprising that the camaraderie and the friendships have been Andrew's favorite part of his residency. "I chose Northwestern because I loved all of the people I met when I came to visit and I always wanted to live in Chicago." During his time here, he has developed interests in both abdominal imaging and radiology educational practices.

    Andrew is going to take these interests into his future. Currently, he is helping to organize a radiology global health trip for the resident program. Once he is finished at Northwestern, he plans on moving to Ann Arbor for an abdominal imaging fellowship at University of Michigan.

  • RSNA Round-Up

    The dust has settled after the rush of RSNA week -- one of the busiest and biggest conferences of the year for our faculty, students, residents, and fellows. Northwestern Radiology had a great showing this year in several categories including oral abstracts, poster discussions, workshops, educational exhibits, courses, and session moderation. Of note were three Northwestern Radiology educational exhibits chosen for the Certificate of Merit, as well as Dr. Neuschler's high impact clinical trial manuscript posted online in Radiology for the duration of RSNA week. Several fellows and residents also won RSNA Travel Awards and a RSNA Research Scholar Grant. We are so proud of everyone's hard work, and we can't wait for next year!


    Let's hear it for our participants:

    Jeanne Horowitz - Assistant Professor
    Amir Mozafarykhamseh - Fellow
    Sara Floyd - Resident
    Ingolf Karst - Fellow
    Erin Neuschler - Assistant Professor
    Bob Lewandowski - Professor
    Michael Markl - Professor
    Emilie Bollache - Post-doc
    Kush Desai - Assistant Professor
    Andy Larson - Professor
    Michael Iorga - Graduate Student
    Maria Aristova - Md/PhD Student
    Anas Al-Smadi - Fellow
    Tahaamin Shokuhfar - Fellow
    Al Nemcek - Professor
    Frank Miller - Professor
    Riad Salem - Professor
    Ryan Dolan - Fellow
    Amir Rahsepar - Fellow
    James Carr - Professor

  • Northwestern High Impact Clinical Trial Published in Radiology

    RSNA is in full swing this week. Our faculty, fellows, residents, and researchers are busy presenting and attending sessions all week. Before our highlights post, we wanted to share a fantastic manuscript published from Dr. Erin Neuschler's presentation in the Special Session: High Impact Clinical Trials. This trial is called "A Pivotal Study of Opto-Acoustic Imaging to Diagnose Benign and Malignant Breast Masses: A New Evaluation Tool for Radiologists." The trial compares the specificity of an investigational optoacoustics (OA/US) breast imaging device wtih that of gray-scale ultrasound in evaluating breast masses. The journal Radiology published the manuscript online, and it is available for free to read during the week of RSNA. Read all about it here!



  • Miller Travels to Chile as Visiting Professor

    Dr. Frank Miller was awarded the Igor Laufer Visitor Professorship from the Society of Abdominal Radiology. The SAR has sponsored an International Education Conference for over fifteen years. This conference brings lecturers from all over the world to countries in Central and South America to provide the latest information and research to the host country's national or regional radiological meetings. This year, the SAR conference was in Santiago, Chile. Dr. Miller, as the society's Visiting Professor, attended the meeting as an invited lecturer to radiologists from across the globe. Join us in congratulating Dr. Miller on this fantastic achievement!

    Dr. Frank Miller