Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Radiology

Research Mentors

Feinberg Radiology mentors the next generation of clinical investigators by providing numerous research opportunities for residents and fellows as well as medical and graduate students. Following is a list of mentor based of their area of research specialty. Select their names to go to their individual Northwestern Scholars profile.

Body Imaging

Senta Berggruen, MD
David Casalino, MD
Thomas Grant, MD
Helena Gabriel, MD
Nancy Hammond, MD
Frederick Hoff, MD
Jeanne Horowitz, MD
Lori Goodhartz, MD
Frank H. Miller, MD
Paul Nikolaidis, MD 

Cecil Wood, MD
Vahid Yaghmai, MD

James C. Carr, MD
Daniel Kim, PhD
Kai Lin, MD
Michael Markl, PhD
Susanne Schnell, PhD

Advanced Computed Tomography Imaging and Post Processing
Rishi Agrawal, MD
James Carr, MD
Vahid Yaghmai, MD

Benjamin P. Liu, MD
Alexander Nemeth, MD
Todd B Parrish, PhD
Ann B. Ragin, PhD

Neuroendovascular Imaging
Sameer Ansari, MD/PhD
Michael Hurley, MD
Babak Jahromi, MD/ PhD
Matthew Potts, MD
Ali Shaibani, MD

Dong-Hyun Kim, PhD
Andrew C. Larson, PhD
Robert J. Lewandowski, MD
Riad Salem, MD

Cynthia K. Rigsby, MD

Scott Resnick, MD

Women's Imaging
Sarah "Sally" M. Friedewald, MD
Ellen B. Mendelson, MD
Erin Neuschler, MD
Lillian Wang, MD

Office of Research Administration

Contact the Research Administration and Support staff for assistance with many of the administrative requirements related to research.