Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Radiology

Proposal Submission Process

Note: All grant proposals and clinical trial agreements must be reviewed and approved by Office for Sponsored Research (OSR)

Submission Process for Grants

Contact Abby Hagler, Associate Research Administrator, four weeks prior to submission deadline. If your proposal will include a subcontract to another institution, contact Abby six weeks prior to the submission deadline. After Abby reviews the proposal guidelines, she will contact you to discuss your budget and send you a checklist which will include a list of all the documents required for submission and due dates.

The budget and administrative materials are due to OSR five days prior to the grant deadline.

The complete proposal is due to OSR two days prior to the grant deadline.

Submission Process for Industry Sponsored Contracts

In order to begin the submission process, please send a copy of the contract, protocol, patient consents to Abby Hagler, Associate Research Administrator. She will prepare a draft budget and contact you via email to set up a meeting to discuss your study. Once the budget is finalized, she will route the paperwork to Office for Sponsored Research for review and approval.

Financial Conflict of Interest Policy (FCOI)

PHS and University policies require that project personnel designated as an "Investigator" (defined as an individual responsible for the design, conduct or reporting of the research):

Effort Reporting

As a recipient of external funding, Northwestern University must assure Federal and other sponsors that the assignment of time and associated salary and fringe benefit costs to the projects they sponsor is fair, consistent and timely. The University fulfills this responsibility through effort reporting that is required for exempt faculty and staff with sponsored funding commitments.

An effort report will be generated for you if your salary is being paid with grant funds or if you are listed as an Investigator on a clinical trial. This means that on a quarterly basis, you will be required to certify your effort. Faculty will also be required to certify effort reports for their post-doctoral fellows and research assistants.

Office of Research Administration

Contact the Research Administration and Support staff for assistance with many of the administrative requirements related to research.