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DICOM Header Extraction Tool

The DICOM header of a DICOM file contains information about acquisition and imaging parameters, patient demographics and/or structured reporting. This information is stored in the DICOM file as data elements. Accessing each DICOM data element requires considerable DICOM expertise and access to imaging studies in order to separate out data elements. We created an imaging tool to extract DICOM data elements from a DICOM file and store the information in a relational database.

Extending an AIM Workstation for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Research1, 2, 3

We extended the AIM workstation version capabilities to support annotation creation for TBI research. The new capabilities include 1) creation of crosshair markups, which are useful in defining microhemorrhage locations, 2) improved handling of multiple markups, important in TBI patients with multiple lesions, and 3) the ability to save, reload, and edit existing AIM instances, a critical feature for collaborative studies involving multiple readers and extensive templates.  The latter feature is particularly useful for consensus reads, as well as for when a read is interrupted, allowing radiologists to save and continue previous, partially completed work.

TBI is a highly heterogenous and complex disease.  AIM workstations enable rigorous descriptions of the types and locations of TBI lesions in a free, user-friendly software package.  These new capabilities make AIM a more powerful research tool for TBI and other diseases.

1. Supported by Center for Neuroscience and Regenerative Medicine, Henry M. Jackson Foundation, Bethesda, MD

2. Received RSNA 2013 Certificate of Merit

3. Contact Dr. Dzung Pham, e-mail:

Structured Annotation and Image Markup (AIM) Template and Toolsets: Hands-on Workshop (RSNA 2014)

P. Mongkolwat, J. Kirby, S. Talbot, V. Kleper

AIM Workstation Version (Dec'14)

V. Kleper, S. Talbot, P. Mongkolwat

AIM Template Builder (ATB) Version 2.0.2

V. Kleper, S. Talbot, P. Mongkolwat

AIM Workstation Version, 2

V. Kleper, S. Talbot, P. Mongkolwat

  1. Fixed "Accession Number" does not show up on the Workstation Worklist
  2. The popup dialog box to recover the template was cumbersome to answer each time one opens or switches to a new study. It would be better if there was an option to set a default value. It would be fine to default to "Yes", and then one could just hit reset to clear the form. Added an option in the Settings to control the popup
  3. Moved the reset button closer to the top of the form to make it more accessible
  4. Fixed the annotation name was inconsistently populated, often it requires hitting reset to have it populated
  5. Tooltips disappear too quickly. It would also be nice to have a web hyperlink available to view explanations of form items
  6. "Annotation created" message disappears too quickly, maybe leave it on until a form item is modified. A message stays up longer with configurable time delay using the configuration panel
  7. Allow show name of markup with real-time updating
  8. Markup annotations somewhat busy, would be good to show just name of markup, and then provide additional information (full annotation name with login, date, time) upon hovering
  9. Fixed created annotations causes Study Date, Study Description, and Referring Physician to disappear from worklist
  10. Implemented workstation to support for the required comments flag specified in the AIM Templates
  11. Added an ability to reload previously saved AIM 3.0 and 4.0 objects based on AIM information 4.0 back into the ClearCanvas user interface
  12. Added an ability to display the content of AIM instances that belong to an image and allow a user to select an AIM instance to be displayed
  13. Added an ability to create a new version of an AIM annotation base on previously created AIM annotations

1. Supported by Center for Neuroscience and Regenerative Medicine, Henry M. Jackson Foundation, Bethesda, MD

2. Contact Dr. Dzung Pham, e-mail:

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