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Thoracic and Cardiac Imaging Fellowship


The goal of this fellowship is to provide comprehensive training in all facets of thoracic and cardiovascular imaging. It will allow the trainee to embark on a clinical or academic career as a cardiothoracic radiologist - a discipline that is currently in high demand.

 Towards this goal, there are three specific objectives of the fellowship. The first objective is to provide training and education in all technical and clinical aspects of cardiothoracic CT, MRI and radiography. The second objective is to enhance their teaching proficiency. The third objective is to provide support in research methodology in cardiothoracic CT, MRI and radiography.

With the experience and training provided by the cardiothoracic imaging fellowship, it is expected that the fellow graduate of this program will have received comprehensive training in all aspects of cardiothoracic CT, radiography and MRI. Fellows will be able to embark upon a successful academic career in cardiothoracic imaging and help bridge the high demand in this field while contributing as a top clinician, educator and researcher.

 The fellow will divide his/her clinical time primarily between thoracic imaging, and cardiac imaging. Spending 7 four-week rotations in the former, and 4 four-week rotations in the latter, spread throughout the year. The fellow will also have the opportunity to have elective time (four weeks) to enhance other skills or interests in other areas of radiology.

Application Requirements

We are currently accepting applications for open positions beginning July 1, 2021 and July 1, 2022.  This fellowship program is non-ACGME and does not participate in the match.

Qualification:  Applicants must be an MD or equivalent, have completed a Radiology Residency, PGY 6 or higher, ECFMG certified at the time of entry into the fellowship, and all must have taken and passed the USMLE exams 1-3.

 If you are interested in applying to this fellowship program, please send the following materials to the fellowship coordinator.

Program Director

Nishant Parekh, MD

Contact Us

Roksana Birkos

Office: 312-695-4074

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