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MR Predominant Body Imaging & Musculoskeletal Fellowship


The MR-Predominant Body Imaging and Musculoskeletal Fellowship at Northwestern University and Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago has 7, one year positions. If you are interested, please contact us at 312-695-5978. We are currently interviewing for 2020-2021 and accepting applications for 2021-2022 fellowship.

Fellows rotate through magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound and computed tomography (CT) imaging during the course of the year with the main focus of the fellowship on body MR imaging. The MR experience includes abdominal, pelvic and musculoskeletal examinations. CT examinations include all non-neurological applications including abdominal, chest and musculoskeletal CT. Ultrasound includes abdominal and pelvic, thyroid, testes, musculoskeletal, and vascular/transplant applications.

Northwestern Memorial Hospital, a nationally ranked academic medical facility and Level I trauma center is located in the heart of downtown Chicago’s Gold Coast. With 15 high field magnet systems we currently perform over 100 body and musculoskeletal MR examinations per day and over 10,000 abdominal and pelvic MR exams per year. Trainees gain additional experience reading studies from Prentice Women’s Hospital and our outpatient imaging center. In October 2014, Northwestern Memorial Hospital opened a 25-story Outpatient Care Pavilion on the downtown medical campus. Innovative functional imaging techniques at NMH include perfusion imaging and routine use of diffusion weighted imaging, MR elastography, and 3T MRI imaging including prostate MR with fusion using the Uronav system.

The fellow is responsible for all aspects of the body imaging exams including patient triage, protocols, monitoring of studies, exam interpretation, and dictation. The fellow has graduated responsibility and acts under the direct supervision of 19 faculty members of the Division of Body Imaging. The faculty is fellowship trained with subspecialty fellowships including body imaging, gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal radiology. Our highly trained staff includes full-time certified technologists and full-time RN coverage.

Fellows benefit from expertise in the variety of top-ranked clinical areas at Northwestern including orthopedics and sports medicine, urology, gastroenterology, vascular surgery, transplant surgery, oncology and urology. In addition, there is a high-level collaborative MR research program with Siemens. Ample opportunities for clinical research and academic time are available and our fellows often participate in at least one project leading to a presentation at national radiology meetings and/or publications.  

The high number and complexity of exams allow the fellows to learn a large variety of material. We currently have several imaging conferences a week that are suitable for the fellowship level. These include a weekly “Body Imaging” conference during which interesting cases are reviewed, a monthly “Body MRI” conference led by the Body Imaging fellows, a weekly interdepartmental GI/GI oncology conference, a monthly Gynecologic Imaging conference and a monthly “Soft Tissue Sarcoma Imaging” conference. There are a variety of other departmental and interdepartmental conferences that are available to the fellows. The fellow is expected to be an active part of resident and medical student teaching on the rotations.

Chicago is a fascinating and exciting city to live in with abundant housing surrounding the hospital as well as a vibrant shopping district and some of the best restaurants in the world.    It’s a wonderful place to spend your final year of training.

This fellowship program does not participate in the match.

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Frank Miller, MD 

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